Animal Ally Message –  Bald Eagle (The Emperor)


 Hello Glorious Soul,

    I hope this blog finds you happy, well and whole. Our Animal Ally this blog is Bald Eagle and they are connected to The Emperor in The Ark Animal Tarot and Oracle Deck from Bernadette King. The strong powerful keywords on the card here are ‘ambition, fearlessness and leadership”. Keywords for the Emperor are ‘stability, dependability, fatherhood, structure, protectiveness, authority, logical and practical’ and they are Aries in the Zodiac. Aries has meanings such as ‘impulsive, competitive, head strong, brash, blunt, restless and stubborn’. The Emperor is also card number four in the major arcana of the tarot and the number four in numerology carries strong energies of ‘building, formation, hard work, endurance, seriousness and practicality’.  

  • Spirit Animal – If Bald Eagle flys into your life as a Spirit message they might be telling you to lift your head up, shoulders back and keep on doing what you’re doing proudly. They are like a bold cheerleader. 
  • Totem Animal – People with a Bald Eagle as their totem usually have an amazing direct connection with Spirit. Bald Eagle can help you use and strengthen this ability. 
  • Power Animal – If you are having trouble seeing the bigger picture or they ‘lay of the land’, call on Bald Eagle as your Power Animal to help you with a higher perspective. 

If you want to know more about how to work with our animal allies and the difference between a totem, power or spirit animal, click HERE for an article. Here’s the link to purchase the Ark Animal Tarot and Oracle Deck from Bernadette King and learn more about her amazing work and other books. 

I hope you have a fabulous day filled with animal ally experiences. Share with me on my social media accounts where and how you Animal Allies are showing up. I love your stories, and remember, “if you could see yourself as our animal allies do, you would be amazed.” 

Mitchell Osborn

Psychic, Medium, Tarot Card Reader & Animal Communicator 

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