Intuitive services

Are your spirit guides calling?

Sessions can be conducted on Skype, FaceTime, Facebook video chat, Instagram video, Signal, Zoom or over the phone (open to residents in USA, Canada & Puerto Rico)

30 Mins. $57.50 per session

Psychic Medium Sessions

Book a private session and make a direct connection to high vibrational Source energy to receive messages of guidance, transformation, and love. I often use intuition, Tarot cards, and other techniques to offer you a comprehensive reading. These sessions are typically done virtually, but if you are a returning client and would like to book an in-person session please reach out to me at

Live or pre-recorded

Tarot Cards Spreads

I offer many different types of spreads, all customized specifically for YOU and delivered in an unlisted private YouTube video for you to watch over as much as you desire. I typically email you your spread within 1 to 3 days of your purchase.

Tarot card spreads cover topics such as:

  • Love and relationships
  • Career and success
  • Spiritual growth

30 Mins. $57.50 per session

Animal Communication Sessions

The pets & animals in our lives can offer amazing lessons, guidance, transformation, Soul growth & assistance to us. Through an animal communication session, I will connect to your pets & the animals in your life as well as those that have crossed over for guidance, messages, transformation & healing. Click the button below to book a session today.

on-demand courses


Intuitive Animal Communication Course

Connection and communicating with animals is effective in every walk of life, whether an animal in your neighbourhood, a family member or a soon to be member of the household. Learning how to connect with an animal will broaden your knowledge of the struggles they face, of the battles they have experienced before meeting you and of course what is ailing them now! On top of all of that, you benefit as a human too by expanding your spiritual horizons. Join Mitchell Osborn on his quest to bring us closer to our animal friends.


Intuitive Dream Interpretation Course

Ever wondered what your dreams mean? Find out with Intuitive Dream Interpretation! We all dream. Many believe that our dreams can provide valuable information for our waking life. Learning to interpret your dreams can be a powerful tool to expedite your personal & Spiritual growth. Join Mitchell for a fun, relaxed and easy way to learn to bring your dreams to life.


Numerology For Everyday Life

Learn how naming your pets might influence who they are or behave and how they fit into your current home life. Find out what a childhood nickname might have influenced you and others, and why you moved away from it as an adult. We will see how you can use tarot in numerology AND how numerology can be used as another layer when reading tarot. In this course, you will learn:

  • What is numerology and what do the numbers mean?
  • How to convert names, words, and dates into numbers
  • Forecasting with numerology
  • Seeing and working with numbers in your everyday life
  • Alternate names in numerology
  • Places in numerology
  • Tarot in numerology
  • Numerology in Tarot
  • Colors and their numerological energies
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