Animal Ally Message – Blue-Footed Booby (Two of Swords)

 Hello Glorious Souls,

I hope and intend this blog bring an energy of hope, healing and peace to you. Our animal ally this time is the Blue-Footed Booby from The Ark Animal Tarot and Oracle Deck by Bernadette King. They are also representing the Two of Swords form tarot. 

The cards key words are ‘indecision, information overload and impasse.’ Some examples of key words from tarot are ‘truce, crossroads, choices, blindness, avoidance and decision time’. Two of Swords is also ruled by the moon in Libra. This could put us at odds trying to make a decision form our heart and emotions, the moon, and our logical place of reason to please and balance everything with Libra’s energy. If we take into consideration the number two on the card then we are definitely looking to find harmony, unity and cooperation between all parties involved in the decisions. 

As always in these blogs, I encourage you to keep an eye out for the animal ally to stroll into your life in any way, shape or form providing a message just for you. This one will definitely be an unusual and unique one if they do. 

  • Spirit Animal –  If the Blue-Footed Booby plops into your life as a spirit animal message it might be a time to accept those invitations to get moving, have some fun and do something different and perhaps silly. Excitement is on the horizon.
  • Totem Animal – If by chance this ally is your totem, you most likely know who you are and own that power and use it for your highest and best. 
  • Power Animal – As a power animal, the Blue-Footed Booby can help you find your own sacred rhythm and dance like nobody’s business. Stand up, dance and get crazy. 

If you want to know more about how to work with our animal allies and the difference between a totem, power or spirit animal, click HERE for an article. Here’s the link to purchase the Ark Animal Tarot and Oracle Deck from Bernadette King and learn more about her amazing work and other books. 

I hope you have a fabulous day filled with animal ally experiences. Share with me on my social media accounts where and how they are showing up. I love your stories, and remember, “if you could see yourself as our animal allies do, you would be amazed.” 

Mitchell Osborn

Psychic, Medium, Tarot Card Reader & Animal Communicator 

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