Animal Ally Message – Lion (Strength Card)


 Hello Glorious Souls,

I hope and intend this blog finds you healthy, well and peaceful. I am enjoying my journey and deeper connection with the animals of this world and especially their partnership in growth, enlightenment and learning through this blog and vlog that I produce. 

This week our animal ally is Lion, also represented by the Strength card pictured here from The Ark Animal Tarot and Oracle Deck by Bernadette King. The Lion and Strength are ruled by Leo of the zodiac sign, a fire sign. Some key words for Leo are ‘courageous, confident, clever and independent’. As you can see on the card here, the key words are ‘mind over matter, love wins and majesty’. 

Over the next seven to ten days, keep an eye out for our ally lion. Remember, they can show up in many different ways. Trust your gut when you need to pay attention to lion and take to heart their message.

  • Spirit Animal – If Lion shows as a spirit animal it may be time to see what your inner child needs and how you can allow them show up and show out more. 
  • Totem Animal – Lion may be a totem animal for you and been a big part of your life since you were young. They may be calling you to take care of your family. This may be a time to connect more and make some surprise visits or calls. 
  • Power Animal – As a power animal Lion can offer you a time to reclaim your fearlessness and gain more confidence and determination. Simple call upon Lion and they will gladly help. 

If you want to know more about how to work with our animal allies and the difference  between a totem, power or spirit animal, click HERE for an article. 

Click here to purchase the Ark Animal Tarot and Oracle Deck from Bernadette King and learn more about her amazing work and other books. 

Have an fabulous week, and remember, “if you could see yourself as our animal allies do, you would be amazed.” 

Mitchell Osborn

Psychic, Medium, Tarot Card Reader & Animal Communicator

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