Animal Ally Message – Penguin (Three of Cups)


 Hello Glorious Souls,

I hope and intend you are healthy, happy and whole. Our animal ally for this blog is Penguin. In The Ark Animal Tarot and Oracle Deck, from Bernadette King, the Penguin is the Three of Cups. The Three of Cups is ruled by the Zodiac sign of Cancer as well as the planet Mercury. The key words on the card are ‘celebration, soul groups and time to focus.’ Traditionally, the three of cups is about celebration and having fun with your friends. When you consider Mercury’s influence on the card it can bring about the importance of communication. 

Some interesting facts about Penguins; they mate for life and are birds but don’t actually fly. They tend to be unique in a lot of ways. So consider your own uniqueness as you work with Penguin energy and the three of cups. 

Once again, I am flabbergasted as I revisit the draft of this blog for edits and additions. I was a birthday party for a good friend the evening after I wrote the first draft and wouldn’t you know it… Penguin showed up! The morning after I was walking the lake by my house for exercise and it hit me like a ton of bricks. As I walked, I talked to my guides and gave them permission to offer CLEAR signs that an animal ally is coming through so I wouldn’t miss them in the moment. They responded with ‘Okay, but we did. We literally gave you five signs, two in conversations from your friends and three wrapped birthday gifts with penguins on them, AND you even pulled out your iPhone to show them the picture of Penguin on the card here in the blog. We can’t get much louder and clearer than that’. It was quite funny to realize how loud my guide team was making it known. And yet I missed it in the moment.  

  • Spirit Animal –  If Penguin shows up in your life as a quick Spirit Animal message, it may be time to focus on your environment and how you can reduce, reuse and recycle. The message could be about taking care of your surrounding as a priority right now.
  • Totem Animal –  Penguin as a totem animal message could be reminding you of your sweetness and kindness that has been your very essence since you were a child. Avoid letting the world make you tough, cold and callous. Stay sweet. 
  • Power Animal –  If you need to find some middle ground and fairness for what’s going on, step into the power of Penguin. They can certainly help keep things fair for all involved. 

If you want to know more about how to work with our animal allies and the difference between a totem, power or spirit animal, click HERE for an article. 

Click here to purchase the Ark Animal Tarot and Oracle Deck from Bernadette King and learn more about her amazing work and other books. 

Have an fabulous week, and remember, “if you could see yourself as our animal allies do, you would be amazed.” 

Mitchell Osborn

Psychic, Medium, Tarot Card Reader & Animal Communicator 

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