Animal Ally Message – Snow Leopard (The Hermit)


 Hello Glorious Soul,

I hope you are doing well and this email brings a needed shift of energy to you. Our Animal Ally in this blog is the Snow Leopard from The Ark Animal Tarot and Oracle deck from Bernadette King. It is also The Hermit in tarot. 

Key words from the Ark Animal card are ‘ascension, illumination and introspection’ and from the tarot, a few of the hermit’s key words are, ‘self-reflection, withdrawal, solitude and retreat’. 

The Hermit‘s number is nine in the major arcana which can hold the energy of ‘endings, completions, vision, transformation, teaching and perfection.’ Virgo also rules over The Hermit card and adds influences such as ‘reliability, practical, analytical, meticulous, witty and kind’. 

  • Spirit Animal –  If you somehow encounter a Snow Leopard or their image in your life and feel it is a spirit message for you then it might be a time to exhibit some restraint or rely solely on yourself for the journey and tasks at hand. 
  • Totem Animal –  If the Snow Leopard is your totem, or you feel they might becoming one, it could be the beginning, or continuation, of a spiritual journey that has, or is calling you forward. 
  • Power Animal –  If you need to enhance your discernment and detective skills tap into the power of the Snow Leopard and that Virgo influence. 

If you want to know more about how to work with our animal allies and the difference between a totem, power or spirit animal, click HERE for an article. Here’s the link to purchase the Ark Animal Tarot and Oracle Deck from Bernadette King and learn more about her amazing work and other books. 

I hope you have a fabulous day filled with animal ally experiences. Share with me on my social media accounts where and how they are showing up. I love your stories, and remember, “if you could see yourself as our animal allies do, you would be amazed.” 

Mitchell Osborn

Psychic, Medium, Tarot Card Reader & Animal Communicator 

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