Animal Kingdom

The lake I walk around.

Twice a week I venture out for a ‘power walk’. It’s a 3.3 mile trek around the lake next to my house. Lately, I’ve been ‘inviting’ the animal kingdom to join me on the walk. I bring myself into an ‘alpha brain wave state’ as I walk. It’s a simple technique I learned from Mat Auryn’s book ‘Psychic Witch’. I feel it puts me into a ‘safe and calm’ state of mind to connect with the animals around. I also feel since practicing this technique more animals have started to come around as I walk, OR I am more aware since I am now in a calmer more centered state of being.

Within five minutes of starting my walk this past July 4th weekend, I encountered a raccoon deceased in the road. They appeared to be an ‘adolescent’. I gently moved their lifeless body off to the side of the road with as much care as I could. I always say ‘I see you. I honor you. Thank you.’ to any of the animal kingdom that has crossed over and to me appear on my journey. I continued on my walk and felt a little more emotional than I usually do when I encounter an animal that has died. So I immediately tapped in to their energy and felt them running next to me with a lot of life and youthfulness. They had to run to keep up since I have such long legs and they are tiny. That made me smile right away. I asked if they had a message for me or they greater world at large. I believe one way to honor their lives is to see if they can help you/us. They said ‘Live your life to the fullest, no matter what’. As they gave me that message they were showed me how they were running and playing and eating with much gusto. The playfulness they were engaging in seem to be what brought their life to an end.

Ibis feeding and noisy crow.

I continued on my walk to be greeted by a bunch of Ibis birds grazing on something in the grass. They allowed me to pass by within a few feet. I was videotaping them and paused as a VERY loud crow started hollering at me from a light pole above. I couldn’t help by laugh at the attention seeking bird above. (see video)

I typically keep my phone in my pocket as I walk with the aim of enjoying the moment. I used to have my headphones in and either listened to motivating music or a podcast. I was prompted last year to ‘be more in the moment’. I think the music or podcasts were more of a distractions and kept me in a different state of being, not the calm centered state I desired and probably needed. I feel the awareness made me more approachable and less of a human threat to the animals around.

Ibis Family

Next to show up was a parent and their two baby Ibises. This instantly made me appreciate the cycle of life and death that I was witness to this morning. (see video)

The next encounter was quite literally a surprise. I was walking along a wall and almost stopped in my tracks with ONLY the sudden need to stop and look to my right. I was literally two feet away from Frog. As you can see they were camouflaged on the wall. They even had a little accessory of a leaf on their head. They allowed me to get REAL close to take the picture. I snapped a few pics and literally skipped away. It was such a joy the see them and be SO close. I was giddy with excitement. Frog represents the creative energies of awakening and transformation. Something I am certainly in the thick of now.

I am becoming more and more excited each week as I connect with the Animal Kingdom in real, up close and personal ways. My work as an animal communicator is a little different than connecting with the animals out in the real world in our everyday lives. There is not feedback from the human that shares the home with them. I hope to share more stories here with you. I hope YOU can and will connect with the animals around you and see what they have to teach and share with you and your family.

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