Psychic development made simple


Everyone has psychic abilities but most don’t want to call it that: a gut feeling or hunch is more comforting or normal sounding.  Like most abilities and talents, the more you work on them the better you become; same with psychic abilities.  In this column a simple exercise will be shared to help you develop your abilities as well as define how most people receive information and data.

Select a deck of simple playing cards and locate a quiet place where you wont be disturbed.  Shuffle the cards several times and allow yourself to ‘connect’ with the cards, their colors and suits as you shuffle.  Place the deck on a table and cut the deck one last time.  Take the top card off the deck without looking at it and hold it in your hand, close your eyes and try to pick up or see the color of the card; red or black.  Select and try it with several different cards.  You will have a fifty-fifty chance of getting the color correct.  Keep a log of how many correct guesses your have, anything above fifty percent is good.  Next, shuffle the deck again and this time attempt to intuit the suit of the card; clubs, hearts, diamonds or spades. This will be a one in four chance. Log your ‘hits and misses’ Now, shuffle again and try to get the number or court personality of the card; 1 to 10 or Jack, Queen, King or Joker.  Now the odds increase exponentially, avoid getting frustrated and just remain clam and relaxed. Keep in mind you are just playing and practicing.

There are several different ways a psychic and an intuitive receive information: here are a few.

    1)  Clairvoyance – seeing pictures and symbols in your mind’s eye, or as thoughts.

    2)  Clairsentience- feeling it in your body or gut, often emotionally or empathically

    3)  Clairaudience – hearing sounds and voices other than your own

    4)  Claircognizance – simply knowing or intrinsic knowledge

    5)  Clairgustance – tasting energetically

Often there is one way of receiving information that stands out or is stronger than the others, but like our regular senses the use of more than one at a time is normal.  Making notes of the successes is a great way to see the work and progress of developing psychic abilities.  It’s like learning a new language or adding more tools to your toolbox of life and building confidence is key to even more accuracy.  

Good luck on your psychic journey. 

Love, light, Laughter and Lessons Learned,


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