Totem, Spirit and Power Animals: What are they, how they show up and can help you in daily life?

Totem, Spirit and Power Animals: What are they, how they show up and can help you in daily life?
     Animals are literally everywhere in our lives. They range from the tiniest little creatures living inside our bodies to the gigantic, walking and swimming on this planet. They are here to guide us on our journey, help us grow and even heal. It’s simply up to us to watch, listen and learn from them. We will discuss the difference between a totem animal, power animal and spirit animal, as well as where and how they might show up in our lives. We will also learn how to interpret and implement their messages in our daily lives. 
     There is a significance difference between a spirit, totem and power animal and the definitions and beliefs very slightly among those who work with them. If these definitions resonate, that’s wonderful, take it and use it. If it doesn’t feel quite right then continue searching for a model and understanding that fits and resonates. We can even allow the animals to show us how best to work together. A totem animal is usually an animal that we’ve been attracted to and has been appearing in our life for a long time, if not all our life. We may find ourselves randomly collecting miniature or wooden carved elephants as a young child and through our adult life. The elephant would then most likely would be considered a totem animal for us. A spirit animal is one that pops in for a short time to deliver a message or provide guidance, and then leaves just as quickly as they came. This might be a dragonfly that has landed on the antenna of our car and just won’t leave us alone. A power animal is one that we can personally call upon to embody their strength or characteristics to help us accomplish something or face a difficult situation.
     Animals can show up in our dreams, cross our physical paths and even the odd place like a meme, t-shirts or our social media and news feed. No matter where they show up its important to recognize them and acknowledge their presence. By simply stating out loud or quietly to ourselves, ‘I see you’ or ‘Thank you,’ can help strengthen the connection and guidance they have for us. It can also help us better understand why they are there. 
     When we encounter an animal and have a very visceral reaction or response, and perhaps find it very odd and usual for the timing, place or situation of their appearance, definitely pay attention. Pause a moment and ask the animal, ’why are you here and what message do you have for me?’ Then we only need to open up and trust whatever information or message comes to us. You may receive a feeling, a vision or actually hear an internal subjective message. To take it a step further, we can ponder what the particular animal means us. For instance, if a rabbit hops across our path we may associate rabbits with playfulness. And if we are on your way to see our family we may want to consider being more playful and open to having some fun. If we see a hawk soaring above and can’t stop thinking about it, we may be called to look at things from a different perspective or ‘higher vantage point’. We can also jump on google and type ‘hawk totem meaning’ or ‘rabbit totem meaning’ to find a broad agreed upon message or meaning. Googling for a meaning is a great way to start our journey and connection to the animal world. It would benefit our growth if we first work with our own intuition and questioning of the animal and then later compare that information with an internet search. The journaling of our animal encounters is highly recommended and can help us develop our intuitive animal interpreting skills immensely. Journaling can also build a powerful toolbox of definitions and interpretations. 
     As we begin this journey and discover what the animals in our lives have to offer us, set an intention to see, hear and feel clearly what it is they are trying to communicate. Set the intention that all encounters are of ‘high vibration’ and for the highest good and greatest growth. Whether a lifelong totem animal continues to help or a spirit animal comes in for a ‘drive-by message delivery’ stay open and receptive. We can always call on a power animal to help us develop and grow as well. Above all enjoy, honor and respect the path and the animals of this world. 

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