3-n-1 Spread

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This very powerful and comprehensive 26 card spread contains a ‘Past, Present, Future’ 3 Card Spread, a 10 Card Celtic Cross & 12 Card Zodiac Spread with a ‘summary card’ at the end. Mary Kay Mitchell developed this amazing combination of spreads.  If you have any questions before you purchase feel free to email me at IntuitiveMitchell@gmail.com. I usually deliver the video back to you with an ‘unlisted link’ within 1 to 3 days. 

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  1. Rebecca Fox

    Firstly Mitchell I want to thank you. What an AMAZING, INSIGHTFUL reading that meant a great deal to me, in some moments to the depth of my core. I adore the way you do them via your YouTube channel as it brings such a personal approach and allows me to feel like i’m in front of you having the reading done, even though i’m a million miles away on the other side of the world. 
     Okay so here’s the truth I’ve always had a thing about Tarot, there’s something about them that just PUTS ME OFF!!! And to be honest if I didn’t trust my intuition as much as I do, there would have been no way I would ever have purchased a reading with you if i’d known it was a tarot reading. I simply was drawn to you, to your skill, to your heart and thought this man is going to bring me the messages I need to hear right in this moment and on a much guided whim, I went with it, not knowing really what it was I was buying at all. WOW!!! have I ever changed my tune towards Tarot. 
    Thank you Mitchell your beautiful gift to communicate with such positive affirmation the information that you are given is outstanding. Your reading truly touched me, helped me see things in myself with belief and quite possibly a depth of awareness that I have never had before. The growth and healing that is coming from this reading each time I watch your video is phenomenal. Your intuition is bang on, your delivery quite simply unique, uplifting and heartfelt. You truly are such a gift and I appreciate this opportunity to tell others that you Mitchell are one AMAZING, truly GIFTED soul!
    Much Love,

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