Black Swan Spread

Dig into what you have been ignoring with the spread.


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The Black Swan Spread

This spread was created in a very unique way.

V. said she wanted to create the ‘black swan’ spread and the first question was ‘What shit have you been ignoring’? From there Mitchell and V. volleyed back and forth per question via text and came up with this spread. Enjoy!!! It is a powerful one!

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The Cards

1. What shit have you been ignoring?

2. How is it trying to get your attention?

3. What dance does it need to perform?

4. What will be the beat, genre or style of the music? (How will it play out?)

5. How will you interpret the dance? (What will you take away from it?)

6. How do you need to implement the interpretation or take away?

7. How can you applaud the Black Swan?

8. What will be the headline? (Outcome?)



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