Maslow’s Hierarchy Tarot Spread

This spread can help you see where you are in terms of your human needs.


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Maslow’s Hierarchy Tarot Spread by Barbara Moore –

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs divides human needs into five levels. According to this theory, the bottom level must be fulfilled, or nearly fulfilled, before attention can be given to the next level. In very basic terms, a starving person is less interested in spiritual development than they are with finding food.

This spread can help you see where you are in terms of your human needs. Positive cards usually indicate the need is being met in a healthy way. Negative cards often show that the need is not being met or being met in an unhealthy way. By identifying the unfulfilled spaces, you can then make a plan to move forward and progress on your personal and spiritual growth.

Cards 1 – 5. Physiological: The basic needs of breathing, food, water, sex, sleep, and shelter.

Cards 6 – 9. Safety: Security needs like employment, protection, resources, and health.

Cards 10 – 12. Belonging: Human relationships, such as friendship, family, and intimacy.

Cards 13 – 14. Self-Esteem: A sense of self gained from confidence, achievements, and respect.

Card 15. Self-actualization: Realizing and fulfilling personal potential, spiritual and personal growth.


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