Past Life Tarot Spread


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Past Life Tarot Spread -Mitchell will be using his uniquely designed tarot spread that looks at a past life of yours, critical moments in that life and how you responded. He will also look at an overall theme or life lesson, what your death was like and anything that is still influencing you in your current lifetime all through a tarot spread and his connection to Spirit.


The Cards – Part One…
  1. What was your gender in this lifetime?
  2. What was your family like in this lifetime?
  3. How others saw you in this lifetime?
  4. What were you actually like in this lifetime?
  5. What critical moments did you experience? Pull 1 to 3 cards.
  6. How did you respond to these moments? Pull 1 card for each above.
  7. What was the theme or life lesson?
  8. What was your death like from this lifetime?
  9. How is this infuencing you in your current life?
The Cards – Part Two…
  1. How can you honor the past life in your current lifetime?
  2. How and where can you put pastlife wisdom to work for you in your current lifetime?
  3. What can your future look like by honoring and using the wisdom?


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